Sitting by the Shore, a Raniran traditional song

19 01 2009

First of all: The score complete with lyrics An alternate two voice version is available, too. It’s has a single voice for singing and no tracks for instruments; feel free to add any though. If you do, I’d be interested in it. If you don’t, drop a comment anyway 😉

For those not interested in the score, here are the lyrics standalone:

There is an old rock by the shore of the sea
where I would go to which was only for me.
A place for me to remember what’s lost,
what we had left back on faraway coast.

Refrain, repeated:
While I’d be sitting by the shore,
watching the waves,
hearing the roar.

One day I met there clad in garments of white
a woman with hair as if of brilliant light.
Sitting where I would with an unworldly grace
taking away from me my favourite place.
Where I’d be …

I walked up to her and she lifted her head.
Her eyes were swollen and impossibly sad.
I asked the goddess: What have you to mourn?
Do tell me where from your sadness was born.
Why you are …

So many called me with the last of their breath,
cursed me or blessed me in the moment of death.
All I can do still is bearing the shame,
crying and mourning the lives lost in vain.
Those can’t be …

I have not seen her since that day anymore,
nor had another one seen her on this our shore.
For good she had left this realm, for at last
she had understood: Her time had long passed.
Time to be …

There is an old rock by the shore of the sea
where I would go to which was only for me.
A place for me to remember what’s lost,
what we had left back on faraway coast.
While I’d be …

And now some (historic) details. This piece is unique piece among Raniran music, for several reasons, the maybe most important being its age. It is the oldest known song, or in fact any piece of art, dating back to the time before the kingdoms were established. It’s quite remarkable for it to have survived to Laiva’s time, in fact, but somehow it passed from generation to generation with just enough changes to account for the evolution of language.

This might very well have to do with it being not only regarded as a piece of traditional music, but by many as a historical account forged into song. Indeed it is the only piece to reference both the legend of the exodus (coming from across the sea) and hints at the complete destruction/devastation of the old home. As such it is certainly an interesting historical source and probably the most specific on those two events. Whatever historic sources mention them at all, only do so in passing, anything else is but myths and legends, one more sketchy than the other.

There are other songs mentioning the one or other, of course, but never both together. Also they are much younger and usually quite blissful. And they would never dare to use the word goddess – or god, the elder versions seem to be not specific about gender. With the taboo involving theistic views even the historic materials shun it. Wasn’t it for the use in swearing and obscure works of dark magic, the word might very well have completely been erased from the vocabulary a long time ago.

Yes, that’s right. Admitting you are worshipping a god in Ranira or its neighbors is a very good way to get into serious trouble. There are no actual laws about that, but since the ones upholding the law tend to act as if there was, it doesn’t make much of a difference. Accusations of necromany work very well in these cases. If anyone has actually read this, shout. I also should probably write more story and less background stuff.

All story ties aside, this is my brain child and my intellectual property. I mean it.
That’s it. Share and enjoy.




2 responses

19 08 2010

maybe you should make a contest for best chords to your song
(or singing)

22 08 2010

Ah, it’s nice to see a new face. Fact is, the second voice is not that a pressing matter. (And considering the number of people finding the way here, a contest wouldn’t make much sense anyway.) When I have the time I might fix that second voice I have written, but that’s not really a top priority at the moment. I still try to get back to writing. That said, feel free to share your voice (in either way) with me and the rest of the world.

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