This WebLog functions as a general place to post (and archive) some fiction of mine. Update schedule (extremely) sporadic. No promises made, no gurantees given, comments of any kind (except spam, naturally) welcome.
Any content on this Blog is © by emmel.

That said, for ‘Against the Current’, the (fantasy setting) tale of Laiva, start here with PDFs (may or may not include the lastest installments) to be found here. Since I’ve at one time written a blurb, I’ve included it below (warning: lousy).

In a world full of dangers… In a forest grown men fear to tread after nightfall… Running away from home in the middle of night might not be the most reasonable thing to do. Reason, however, has never been a strength of eight year old Laiva. She feels wronged, she feels humiliated, she feels like the whole world is against her. Except Mynor, that is…

Another story I recently started follows seventeen year old Aya, thief, proud for being on the most wanted list of the local police and who knows what else (you just have to read it). The setting is more sci-fi, but don’t expect techno babble. Go here to begin reading.


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10 09 2008

I’ve added both of your novels to our database at Muse’s Success. Please come and visit us, and update the listings.
~ Regards,

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