Aya, 1.1

20 04 2009

Note to self: Don’t try to change the point of view and expect things to work. They won’t. Anyway, I’ll just start a bit earlier, story-time… Should make for a better intro, or so I hope.

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Annoucement (no actual story post)

17 04 2009

All right, here’s the deal. (Which is a bit ridiculous as I for one don’t actually give you a choice and for another thing there is nobody really there to deal with, safe for a few stray readers. Prove me wrong, but I’ve seen the stats…)
Anyway, I haven’t published anything Aya for some time, and I thought that it might be a good idea to approach things differently. Everything is written from Aya’s perspective anyway, so it makes sense to go the extra millimetre and give her a chance to speak. If you happened to have read the standalone short Dreaming posted earlier… Well, I kinda liked that point of view.
That’s one thing. The other is that I’ll try to get away from posting several thousand words at once and instead have smaller pieces, more often. My target is having at least one per week, but up to three or so. More if I get crazy or creative or however you want to call it.
In general, Aya’s tale is still published under a working title (if you have know or not), and I generally consider it being in a somewhat experimental phase anyway, so I don’t really have a problem with turning everything upside-down and giving it a good shaking at this stage. Besides, I have done it with Against The Current at a much later stage, and might do so again if I deem it necessary.
The gist of it: You will hear of Aya soon, you will for some time hear what has already been told (a good point to start reading now), but I’m in good hope that it will be a change for the better. And the individual parts should be short enough for a quick read.
Stay tuned… And feel free to give me a piece of your mind. (That means using the very nice and easy to use comment form below, sending me pieces of that grey stuff between your ears is neither necessary nor recommended.) First one will go up in the next thirty-six hours barring any acts of good, forces of nature, writers block or worse.

Dreaming, an Aya standalone short

27 03 2009

I had trouble sleeping this night, so whatever would have been responsible to churning out dreams normally just have leaked into my wake self or something. I ended up switching on my writing desk / bedside slight, grabbing my pen and notebook, and started banning this to paper in the wee hours of morning. It’s a standalone short of only 1232 words, so it’s about the average length of an ATC instalment. Have fun. Comments welcome.

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Aya #3

6 10 2008

In case anyone reads this… Oh, hell, I’m kidding myself.

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Aya #2

8 08 2008

The second installment. Read it, tell me what you think.

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Aya #1

23 07 2008

The first installment. Read first, then comment. That’s it.

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