Quick notice

8 10 2009

After a somewhat long pause, I’m back on track. If anyone is still around – there will be updates during the next week, possibly earlier. A new part of ATC is good as done, and I’ve finally managed to fix what had me bothered with Aya, so this time there is the chance I’ll actually have something like a consistent flow of updates or something. Out of curiosity: If anyone read this, please leave a short note. A ‘PING’ will do.


Something completely different

27 01 2009

…and then a pair of doe broke forth from the shrubs to the right, crossing the path only a hand full of metres before me. They ran down the sandy short of the small lake, darted over the frozen water, their hooves slipping a little on the ice and then up the far bank. Within a few seconds they had come and gone again, leaving me standing in awe and reverence for the kind of beauty only nature is artist enough to create.

Sitting by the Shore, a Raniran traditional song

19 01 2009

First of all: The score complete with lyrics An alternate two voice version is available, too. It’s has a single voice for singing and no tracks for instruments; feel free to add any though. If you do, I’d be interested in it. If you don’t, drop a comment anyway 😉

For those not interested in the score, here are the lyrics standalone:

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Some notes on pronounciation…

7 04 2008

I thought it would be nice to have this, so I thried applying the IPA (international phonetic alphabet) to a few names. No guarantees towards completeness or correctness, though. Hopefully the symbols actually render correctly…

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27 02 2008

I’ve decided to give things a (sort of) leagal foundation and decided on a license. Please see the License page on the sidebar. Putting things under a this Creative Commons license will grant you all rights to read and share the contents of this site at your leasure, while making sure that nobody does anything with it I don’t like. I think that’s a fair agreement, but if your opinion differs… you know, comment. Just don’t expect very much from it.

Welcome to my little world

22 02 2008

Just wanted to say welcome. If you stumbled over this by accident, this blog is a place for me to put up a couple of things I’ve written and related stuff. You have been warned. Otherwise: Feel free to look around and comment if you feel like it. Then again if you don’t feel like it comment nevertheless.