Sitting by the Shore, a Raniran traditional song

19 01 2009

First of all: The score complete with lyrics An alternate two voice version is available, too. It’s has a single voice for singing and no tracks for instruments; feel free to add any though. If you do, I’d be interested in it. If you don’t, drop a comment anyway 😉

For those not interested in the score, here are the lyrics standalone:

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ATC version 1

12 03 2008

Well, for those who

a) want to read the old, obsolete and discontinued version 1 that
b) will never get an end in this form
c) offline, without downloading the individual parts,
d) don’t mind wading through tons of typos,
e) won’t blame me for the long time effects of exposure to strange language constructs and
f) do realise that the current, still updated and very much preferred version can be had as a (much nicer layed out) PDF as well below:

Here is the PDF version of all 25 parts.

’nuff said. Oh, and comments welcome as usual…

Against The Current

7 03 2008

These are installments 1 to 20 inclusive of the story cast into a convenient PDF. Size is A5, take it or leave it. Please note that Reader bug referred to in the comments seems not to be reproduceable, so chances are you’ll never come across it. Nice to see Adobe cares about their users, though.

Click here for the PDF
And when you are done reading… Come back and comment, will you? Consider it a kind of payment.